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About MAGELINE 麦吉丽

about mageline
mageline founder Guo Miao

Mageline and Founder Guo Miao

Mageline means magically beautiful. The former part “Mage” comes from “magician” and the latter part “line” pronounced similar to a Chinese word which means “beautiful”. Ms. Guo Miao, the founder of Mageline brand, hopes to make people beautiful as magic do. Ms Guo Miao has always advocated a healthy, high quality, real and natural lifestyle. Through her understanding of beauty and her attitude towards life, she encourages the concept of skin care that allows women to enjoy their natural beauty. She also believes that women should have a career that they love and time will not let down any woman who works hard!

Mageline is a high-end cosmetics brand in China advocating women the concept of “enjoy the beauty without makeup”. Mageline integrates R&D, planning and sales in the operation by having an independent R&D and production plants in China and United States. The company combines natural plant luxury ingredients with technology to create high-end skin care products, including skin care, make-up, body care, dermalogical skin repair and other aspects. Mageline products are natural, safe and effective, reputable and favoured among celebrities and beauty lovers like us. We have witnessed the beautiful transformation of thousands of women since the brand was founded!

Mageline adheres to the professional, perfect, and elegant brand positioning, aiming at solving skin problems through its products so that everyone can regain their self-confidence. Mageline advocates women to deal with their skin problems directly and solve them actively rather than covering them up with strong makeup. The company not only encourages the own self skin care attitude but also promotes a beautiful ideology to reshape a healthy, natural and fair skin.

Mageline has an independent scientific laboratory in United States and independent research laboratory, cooperating with scientists from University of California, Stanford University, and other international research field of cosmetics for R&D formulas.  Mageline is committed to combine advanced technologies in the fields of biology, medicine, chemistry, dermatology and nutritional science to create a series of skin care products which are applicable and most suitable for Asian women.

Mageline’s factory adopts the best-in-class uncontaminated and dust-free bottle-filling equipment. All products are strictly formulated according to standards and specifications. Product research and development, experiment and production are strictly in compliance with the relevant national laws and regulations, filed with and approved by the Ministry of Health and other relevant government authorities. All clinical trials must be approved and all products must go through a rigorous allergy testing to ensure their safety and effectiveness before they can be listed and sold.

Mageline’s skincare products are healthy, environmentally friendly and natural with an extremely prominent result. Raw materials of Mageline products are gentle, environmentally friendly and natural, and have outstanding skin care effect. Through Mageline’s comprehensive skin care regime, you can enjoy an impactful change in how you look and feel about your own skin. We believe Mageline is more than just a cosmetics firm; it is a company that produces products that care about its consumers just like starry beauty who cares and we cares about how you look today and tomorrow.

Our belief is pure and simple. Never take risks, and never provide products we would never use on ourselves. If you are looking for a high quality and trusted cosmetics or beauty products to provide a natural boost to your body, look no further because Mageline is a brand you can trust and we are here to help you care for and look after your skin with our own rich experience and professionalism!


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