Cavilla model

Are your eyelashes short and desolate? Do you wish to grow your eyelashes naturally and repudiate fake eyelashes? We started this shop because there was a lack of effective eyelash growth serum in the market, which are populated with many fake brands or products. That’s why we decided to venture into the world to source for effective and essential products that would make our customers happy and alleviate their frustration.

Cavilla Authorised Dealer

Stella Jiang – Starry Beauty Founder and CEO

We are a dedicated team of beauty perfectionists hunting for the best products the world has to offer – Starry Beauty is the destination for those looking for the star products that are effective and essential. Whether it’s a problem solving treatment or the next big star, we pride ourselves on our diligence and only sell the products that we trust (we test all our products to make sure they are effective before we put them into our shop).


A Digital Shop

Instead of selling our products offline, we decided to also go digital to benefit more people

A Caring Shop

We put ourselves in our customers’ shoes and test the products before selling

A Problem Solver

We strive to constantly discover star products to solve our customers’ problems

A Certified Shop

We are the authorised dealer and all products sold in our shop are 100% authentic

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