Best Eyelash Growth Serum That Works!

Grow your eyelashes naturally and say goodbye to fake eyelashes

Essential if you want longer, fuller and healthier hair

Best Eyelash Growth Serum That Works!

It is the real stuff because it is effective and it works for both eyelashes and eyebrow

Essential because it helps to strengthen and enhance natural hair growth


Cavilla Eyelash Growth Serum

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“I am in the beauty industry for many years and have come across many similar products but this one really touches my heart. My eyelashes have been very short, thin and not full, but after using this product, my eyelashes have become long, thick and full so much so that my friends even asks if my eyelashes are real. I really love this product and I would encourage anyone who is troubled by short and thin eyelashes to try it!” – Stella

“Actually in the past, I have tried many eye growth serums but with no positive result. I have also tried eyelash extensions but they caused me more headaches when the eyelash extensions fell because the fall of the eyelash extensions would cause my real eyelashes to fall together. Overtime, my real eyelashes became weaker and easier to fall and this further led to lesser eyelashes. I am very grateful to Stella for introducing the Cavilla Eyelash Growth Serum to me. I did not expect much result at first but to my surprise, my eyelashes have become long, thick and full!” – CT

“My eyelashes have always been thin, short and not full. I have also tried eyelash extensions but they caused my real eyelashes to fall and even resulted in some areas around the eyelashes to become bare. Luckily Stella introduced this product to me. I have used this product for more than 120 days and during this period, I saw my not so healthy eyelashes fell and grew all over again a few times, and now my eyelashes are long, thick and full. My eyelashes have become so full, long and thick that some strangers have even ask me whether they are real or not and I told them these eyelashes are all real ones.” – CL

“This product is really effective. My eyelashes have always been short, thin and not full and when Stella introduced this product to me and after I apply it, my eyelashes have grown longer, thicker and fuller.” – SX

How To Use

Step 1: Remove the makeup, clean the face and remove the contact lenses before use every night.

Step 2: Unscrew the bottle and use the brush to apply the serum onto the skin surface (hair follicle) along the edge of the eyelid from the root of the eyelashes at the inner areas of the eyelid to the outer areas. Take note that it is not necessary to apply the serum directly onto the eyelashes.

Step 3: Clean up the excess solution. Wipe the excess solution along the eyelid with cotton wipes.

Step 4: Tighten the bottle. The bottle mouth should not come into contact with foreign objects to avoid contamination.

Cavilla Eyelash Growth Serum

No more eyelash extensions! No more unhealthy eyelashes!

Cavilla Eyelash Growth Serum

It’s the REAL STUFF! And it WORKS for both eyelashes and eyebrow!

Cavilla Eyelash Growth Serum

It helps to strengthen and enhance natural hair growth!









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