Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)

1. Question: How long does it take for the Cavilla Eyelash Growth Serum to work?
Answer: Most users will see some improvements within 4 weeks of use. So far, our customers will normally take about 16 weeks to see positive results.

2. Question: How long does a bottle lasts?
Answer: Depends on usage as every customer’s requirement is different but generally a bottle can usually last about 60 days. This is why we recommend our customers to buy at least 2 bottles to see the full results.

3. Question: Will the eyelashes return to their previous length after I stop using the serum?
Answer: When stop using the serum and after the eyelashes fall off, although the newly grown eyelashes will not be as long as the eyelashes that are nourished by the serum, they will still be longer and healthier than the original eyelashes before the serum was applied. Therefore our advice for our customers is to continue to use the serum sparingly even after the full positive results have been achieved in order to maintain the healthy and fuller growth of the eyelashes.  

4. Question: Can the lower eyelashes be applied as well?
Answer: Yes.

5. Question: What is the storage requirement?
Answer: The Cavilla Eyelash Growth Serum needs to be refrigerated at 2°C – 25°C. Make sure to complete the bottle within 60 days after opening. The bottle should be tightened appropriately as the bottle mouth should not come into contact with foreign objects to avoid contamination.

6. Question: What should I do if the serum spills into other skin areas?
Answer: When the serum comes into contact with other skin areas, it may cause potential hair growth in those areas. Therefore when applying the serum, try to minimise its exposure to other contact areas by using cotton wipes to quickly clean up the surface in the event of spills.  

7. Question: I have eye disease, can I still use this product?
Answer: Although the serum is harmless to the eye, it is advised that patients with eye diseases should use this product under the guidance of their doctors.

8. Question: Is it normal for the eyelashes to fall even after applying the serum?
Answer: Yes. Many of our customers have experienced this before but there is nothing to worry about because the falling is part of the body system to regenerate itself into longer, thicker and fuller eye lashes by getting rid of the weaker and unhealthy ones which had been damaged by eyelash extensions or eyelash perming chemicals. 


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