mageline global dealership recruitment
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mageline dealership recruitment
mageline dealership recruitment
mageline dealership recruitment
mageline dealership recruitment

Mageline Global Dealership Recruitment

Are you searching for a new career?

Do you want to set up a home-based online business?

Need idea on a profitable side hustle?

Are you trying to find a second source of income?

Looking for a side income to complement your family income?

Are you a SAHM looking for extra income?

Are you a business owner in search of new products to expand?

Looking for new skin care products for your beauty business?

Do you want to enjoy wholesale price for your own skin care products?

We are the Authorised Dealer for Mageline Products (Q6-0142188) We are expanding globally and we are currently recruiting partners to join us in this journey. Join our team today!

Starting your own business is not difficult if the following conditions are met:

  • Low investment
  • High profit margin
  • Renowned and trusted brand
  • Good quality products
  • Comprehensive 1-1 coaching to upgrade skill set
  • Uninterrupted supply with no stockpiling of goods required

Start your own business from as low as S$1,700 (refundable deposit S$200 + initial stocks S$1,500) only.

We are not a direct selling, or a stockist company. We are a premium skincare brand, with high quality in manufacturing and research and development (R&D).

Do you want to be confident? Beautiful? Achieve your life goal?
Join us today to jumpstart your journey to success!












  • 投资少
  • 高利润率
  • 知名品牌
  • 优质的产品
  • 全面的1-1训练升级技能
  • 不间断供应,无需库存

Global Dealership Recruitment

Mageline’s brand strength has always been committed to building a first-class brand and a company with international influence, allowing more women to enjoy the beauty without makeup, and allowing more entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams.

Good company, good brand, and good product is everything you need to succeed!

All interested agents need to pay an agent deposit before they can be authorized. We welcome everyone from all over the world to join us!

Mageline’s brand process: product development department; raw material formula research and development department; production department; quality department; warehousing and logistics; brand marketing planning and management; training department; physical departmental store channel department; e-commerce department; marketing channel department; IT technology department; Legal Department; Market Control Department. Each department is independently controlled and has everything in place. Mageline has the best R&D and production capabilities and first-class brand operation and management capabilities. The future has unlimited potential!

In order to meet the needs of the vast market, we need more agents, welcome to inquire!

You can start a business at home and take care of your career and family.

High-quality products, stable market demand, meet all categories of needs, complete functions, and high repurchase rates.

You can operate the business continuously without the need to invest a huge amount of money. It is suitable for anyone seeking full-time and part-time jobs. Low investment and higher, faster returns.

No sales experience? Well, the team can provide training, sales concept is simple and easy to understand, and sales strategy is easy to learn and easy to copy.

In addition to team training, there is also personalized 1-1 key training to provide sales methods and channels that suit you.

You don’t need to pick up the goods at one time, you can retrieve them anytime you want, with zero inventory, zero pressure, and zero risk. You can make money by staying at home and lying on the sofa with mobile phone on one hand!

Mageline owns R&D centers (U.S., China) valued at hundreds of millions, internationally advanced fully automatic factories, regional warehouses (Spain, China) and more than 800 counters.

Gold member of the International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists (IFSCC).

Natural, organic and high-tech skin care products which allow you to enjoy beauty without makeup.

International authority verification:
• 100000-level dust-free workshop, fully automatic production
• ISO9001 quality management system
• ISO14001 Environmental Management System
• ISO45001 Occupational Health Management System
• EU ISO22716 Good Manufacturing Practice for Cosmetics
• American GMPC Good Manufacturing Practices for Cosmetics
• CNAS certification – no additives allowed
• International authoritative SGS quality certification
•French International Certification Center ECOCERT organic certification
• Malaysia KKM certification

Anyway since you need to spend money on your own cosmetics for your own skin, you can take the opportunity to make money as well. Mageline can really help to improve your skin, and we also have a very complete dealership system! As long as you use the products well and love to share, you can make money in addition to having a better skin!

Crisis can be a turning point. Business opportunities knock on your door but will not wait for you.

Join us if you want to be the boss, join us if you want to make money!

Join us now to quickly start your journey of success!


麦吉丽品牌实力, 一直致力于打造具有国际影响力的一流品牌和企业,让更多的女性尽享素颜之美,让更多的创业者成就精彩人生。



麦吉丽品牌流程:产品开发部;原料配方研发部;生产部;品质部;仓储物流;品牌市场营销策划管理;培训部;实体百货渠道部;电商部;微营销渠道部;IT技术部;法务部;市场管控部 ,每个环节全部自主掌控,一应俱全,麦吉丽具备最好的研发生产能力,具备一流的品牌运营管理能力。未来潜力无限!

为了满足广大的市场需求, 我们需要更多的代理, 欢迎询问!


高品质产品, 市场需求量稳定, 品类齐全, 功效齐全‎, 回购‎率‎高。

可以永续经营但不需投入庞大资金,全职兼职都适合, 投‎资少回‎报高,回本快。

不怕零基础, 团队可以提供培训, 简‎单易‎懂‎易学易复制。

除了团队培训, 还有个性化1-1重点培训, 提供适合你的销售方法和渠道。


自有价值数亿研发中心 (美国,中国), 国际先进全自动工厂, 云仓库(西班牙,中国) 和800多家专柜。


天然有机与高科技结合的护肤品, 尽享素颜之美。

• 十万级净化车间,全自动生产
• ISO9001质量管理体系
• ISO14001环境管理体系
• ISO45001职业健康管理体系
• 欧盟ISO22716化妆品良好生产规范
• 美国GMPC化妆品良好生产规范
• CNAS认证- 不允许有任何添加剂的
• 国际权威SGS品质认证
• 法国国际认证中心ECOCERT有机认证
• 马来西亚KKM认证


危机是转机, 商机不等你。



mageline dealership recruitment
mageline dealership recruitment
mageline dealership recruitment
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Sales Agents

We are dedicated to only sell products that we trust. Our star products are both effective and essential. We welcome potential partners, sales agents or retailers who would like to partner with us in bringing our star products to all customers. If you are interested to join us in this journey, do give us a call.

StarryBeauty Sales Agents
product partnership with StarryBeauty


In our quest to provide customers with the best possible shop to source for effective and essential star products, Starry Beauty would like to invite potential partners, manufacturers, wholesalers, business owners or distributors to contact us if you think that you’ve got something special to offer us. Please contact us and we will revert to you as soon as we can.

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